The story of the two sons.

A Short History of
Chapel Church

The construction of Chapel Church , executed in phases, started soon after 1500 and was to last until 1540.

The architecture is that of the Dutch Gothic a distinguishing mark of which is the application of Brabant white stone. (See the bands of white stone in the outer masonry of the church as shown in the picture right). The church is one of the two mediaeval churches that Alkmaar can still boast of. Like all mediaeval churches it was purpose built to accomodate Roman Catholic services. After the Reformation at the end of the 16th centrury the church was adapted to Reformed service.

On 31st May 1701 the town counsel of Alkmaar decided upon a farreaching restoration and enlargement of Chapel Church . This gave birth to the aisle in Dutch classisist style, the aisle that was and still is to house the Magistrates'Bench.

In 1760 a great fire caused severe damage to the church. Furtunately the church was restored soon afterwards. The larger part of the interior, including the stuccoed vault, the Müller organ and the magnificent pulpit, was then effected. In 1762 the church was put into use again.

During the years 1952 till 1957 Chapel Church was restored.

From 2001 till 2004 Chapel Church was renovated again, this time co-funded by the state and the town council and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Foundation, as well as many private donations.






Entrance Kapelsteeg, see the bands of white stone
after the fire in 1760